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Lost Saga (Part I)

I’m going to tell a story, not just any story, but my story on how I got my Red Pill dose.

It all started back in University, year, 2006 (college for our friends south of the border) I was moderately depressed, I really didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish in life, I lacked self confidence and always thought if I could just get a girlfriend, things would somehow get better. I was an average nice guy, beta to the tits despite having a hard Alpha as a father. One day it all changed, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I hated my life and where is was heading, so I just woke up one day slapped myself across the face and told myself “Shit is gonna change” and like that I started having a positive attitude, my self-confidence grew, I didn’t care that I was single and I didn’t care what other people thought of me. I literally just had an epiphany.

Fast forward to the summer, I started dressing with style, and self confidence was oozing out of me, I wasn’t looking for love….. but it found me. I met this really cute girl and as luck would have it, she was really into me. We had fun; we enjoyed life, my first real girlfriend. It didn’t take long that I beta backslided, failing shit test after shit test, I should of seen it coming, but I didn’t, I was in love. In the next couple of years the shit testing became worst and worst and she literally became bat shit crazy.

You know the type of girl who seems happy one minute going to a social event, and arriving there, turns into a snidy little bitch, constantly giving you the stink eye for what she perceived as me being flirtatious with everyone…. Including guys for fuck sakes, I mean nothing against you gays, but I don’t love the cock. This only led to fights and ruined nights. Though that pussy was tight and I loved to pound it. My love for her was degrading, and degrading fast, but my lack of options and my total betatude was trying to make things work with her and keep things going. Until the fateful day when I learned that……….. the bitch had cheated on me. I was furious as anyone could imagine, hurling insults after insults belittling her to the point of impermanently damaging her self confidence. I see now it wasn’t her fault, she was following instinct, she was craving an alpha.

To be continued…



If like me, you are away from home a lot and if, like me, you work in a very male centric field. Once you get back to civilization you might get approach anxiety and you might feel a little rusty in your game. There are a few things you can do to get back into it without hardly ever missing a beat.

One thing I like to do is get rid of my rustiness right out of the plane, or hell even practice in the plane if my flight attendant is a woman. Start small talk with EVERY girl you see, especially the ones working the airlines and the airport, they have no choice BUT to be courteous and smiling, open them with the weather, the dreary uniforms they have to wear, anything. This will put you back at ease to talking to the opposite sex and will warm you up for when you really want to do damage.

Now even though the ladies at work may be few and far between, doesn’t mean there are any. Usually the kitchen and cleaning staff are mostly comprised of women, chat with them, converse, work on the fundamentals and experiment a bit on different thing, play with your cocky/funny game to find what really works for you. Best thing about this is that you never let yourself get rusty. Doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t hit that or you normally wouldn’t talk to them. As Roissy has stated before, treat and game everyone you meet. Chances are the girls in the kitchen might make you personal lunches, and the cleaning ladies may start doing your laundry. You can’t lose.

You really want to make the most out of your time at home, never losing your edge is the key.

And another one goes…

So i’m sitting here on the brink of going to bed and it’s been another night of listening to the herb next door pleading and catering to what i can only assume is his new girlfriend. From the sounds of it she’s an over entitled “goddess” that only deserves the best of it all, (In your dreams toots) yet this guy seems to be willing to give it to her.

Topics discussed:

  • How he wants to share his life with her.
  • Pleading her to give him a “chance”
  • He isn’t the man he used to be
  • She changed his world
  • And a whole bunch of other vomit inducing beta graveling
Now if you’ve been around the manosphere long enough… or even for 30 seconds, you know that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will only result in drying up her clam faster than you can say “foreplay”.
I’m usually not the type to actively help strangers with these types of issues (coming from a guy who has a fucking blog to help strangers on these types of issues… i know, it’s anonymous sort of so leave me the fuck alone ha!) in all seriousness now, i just have to do something. Not because i feel bad, but because its annoying the living shit out of me, i can’t stand the pissing and moaning of an emasculated man and i just want him to stop spending hours on the phone every night acting like a little bitch!
I may not be the best at all this, but i’m definitely head and shoulders above this guy.
I got to figure out how i’ll approach this…. stay tuned.

Being an asshole pays…… sometimes, not so much

So i was reading a bit on “my crazy girldfriend” and i found the following anecdote.

I’ve been being an asshole on purpose to the girl I’ve been “dating” for the past couple of weeks. I’m terrible at breaking up with people so my goal is to usually be such a dick that they don’t want to be with me anymore or so that one big argument can end it without drawing anything out. Well, this girl likes the asshole even more and it “turns her on.” Women are so stupid.

Think about it.

Fitness on the fly

Alright guys, here’s a no brainer, but yet it seems to always pop up in conversation with people I meet on the road in the same situation that I’m in. We all know by now, or should know (hopefully I’m not the first game blog you’ve been reading) that working out does heighten your DMV, now the most common excuses I hear from guys on the road is that they don’t have the “time” or they don’t have the equipment. That’s hocus pocus.

1)      You can fit a pair of runners, shorts and shirt in your carryon bag, problem 1 solved.

2)      I’d also go so far as saying 90% of all hotels now have a gym or fitness center open to guests, use it, you are right there and the commute is literally 30 seconds to a minute. If by chance no fitness center is available, it’s really easy to go for a run, do some crunches and sit ups, pound out some pushups. Want an ab work out you can do in your hotel room, click here. Problem 2 solved.

3)      So you don’t have “time” you say? And how many hours do you spend watching the old tube in the hotel room? Time is relative; you always have the time providing you MAKE the time. This is the laziest excuse to anything that anyone can ever use. You are basically telling the world and yourself that whatever you don’t have “time” for is unimportant to you. This one really grinds my gears. Problem 3 solved.

4)      What about my routine? Well, what about it? You’re body will thank you for ripping it out of an old boring routine. Your body needs to keep guessing as to what you’ll put it through next in order to cut through plateaus and boredom.

If you work in a camp environment, this works especially well. It’s even better than if you were stuck in hotels. In camps meals come easy and fast (if only girls were that easy) you have plenty of time to pop an hour in the fitness center or running around the site, even if you work 12 hours a day. It’s all about the willingness to do what it takes and making the time for it.

Here’s another routine I’ve used on the road. Click me

Of herbs and men

So last night I’m sitting in my camp room waiting for the football game to start (no this isn’t bible camp, I work camp jobs in remote location). The guy next door walks into his room talking on the phone with his girlfriend. If you’ve ever worked on a camp job, you know the walls are paper thin, regardless, I’ve been hearing this guy’s conversations for the past few days and they all have one common theme… the guy is a giant vagina, conversations littered with “no baby you know I’ll take care of you” “baby baby I’ll always be there for you” and the likes, I couldn’t help but get absolutely disgusted with his herb like behavior.

Now I can only assume that every night this woman unleashes a flurry of emotions at him and he tries to appease her in every wrong way possible. His inability to man up, grow a pair and treat her in the proper manner will, guaranteed, be the relationship’s demise.

Which brings me to my point, just because one may work away from home does not mean his game should come to a screeching halt. It’ll only make you appear desperate which will in return, as we all know, dry her up faster than you can blink. You have to mold your game in order to compensate for the distance, I often go my entire rotation without even a text to the girl except for when she needs to come pick me up at the airport for which she usually cannot wait.

The less said, the better off you are.

Inaugural Post

Well here we are folks, the first post.
I guess we’ll see what comes from all of this and how often i’ll actually keep this shit updated.
In the mean time, keep’er sleazy.