Of herbs and men

So last night I’m sitting in my camp room waiting for the football game to start (no this isn’t bible camp, I work camp jobs in remote location). The guy next door walks into his room talking on the phone with his girlfriend. If you’ve ever worked on a camp job, you know the walls are paper thin, regardless, I’ve been hearing this guy’s conversations for the past few days and they all have one common theme… the guy is a giant vagina, conversations littered with “no baby you know I’ll take care of you” “baby baby I’ll always be there for you” and the likes, I couldn’t help but get absolutely disgusted with his herb like behavior.

Now I can only assume that every night this woman unleashes a flurry of emotions at him and he tries to appease her in every wrong way possible. His inability to man up, grow a pair and treat her in the proper manner will, guaranteed, be the relationship’s demise.

Which brings me to my point, just because one may work away from home does not mean his game should come to a screeching halt. It’ll only make you appear desperate which will in return, as we all know, dry her up faster than you can blink. You have to mold your game in order to compensate for the distance, I often go my entire rotation without even a text to the girl except for when she needs to come pick me up at the airport for which she usually cannot wait.

The less said, the better off you are.


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