And another one goes…

So i’m sitting here on the brink of going to bed and it’s been another night of listening to the herb next door pleading and catering to what i can only assume is his new girlfriend. From the sounds of it she’s an over entitled “goddess” that only deserves the best of it all, (In your dreams toots) yet this guy seems to be willing to give it to her.

Topics discussed:

  • How he wants to share his life with her.
  • Pleading her to give him a “chance”
  • He isn’t the man he used to be
  • She changed his world
  • And a whole bunch of other vomit inducing beta graveling
Now if you’ve been around the manosphere long enough… or even for 30 seconds, you know that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will only result in drying up her clam faster than you can say “foreplay”.
I’m usually not the type to actively help strangers with these types of issues (coming from a guy who has a fucking blog to help strangers on these types of issues… i know, it’s anonymous sort of so leave me the fuck alone ha!) in all seriousness now, i just have to do something. Not because i feel bad, but because its annoying the living shit out of me, i can’t stand the pissing and moaning of an emasculated man and i just want him to stop spending hours on the phone every night acting like a little bitch!
I may not be the best at all this, but i’m definitely head and shoulders above this guy.
I got to figure out how i’ll approach this…. stay tuned.

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