If like me, you are away from home a lot and if, like me, you work in a very male centric field. Once you get back to civilization you might get approach anxiety and you might feel a little rusty in your game. There are a few things you can do to get back into it without hardly ever missing a beat.

One thing I like to do is get rid of my rustiness right out of the plane, or hell even practice in the plane if my flight attendant is a woman. Start small talk with EVERY girl you see, especially the ones working the airlines and the airport, they have no choice BUT to be courteous and smiling, open them with the weather, the dreary uniforms they have to wear, anything. This will put you back at ease to talking to the opposite sex and will warm you up for when you really want to do damage.

Now even though the ladies at work may be few and far between, doesn’t mean there are any. Usually the kitchen and cleaning staff are mostly comprised of women, chat with them, converse, work on the fundamentals and experiment a bit on different thing, play with your cocky/funny game to find what really works for you. Best thing about this is that you never let yourself get rusty. Doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t hit that or you normally wouldn’t talk to them. As Roissy has stated before, treat and game everyone you meet. Chances are the girls in the kitchen might make you personal lunches, and the cleaning ladies may start doing your laundry. You can’t lose.

You really want to make the most out of your time at home, never losing your edge is the key.


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