Lost Saga (Part I)

I’m going to tell a story, not just any story, but my story on how I got my Red Pill dose.

It all started back in University, year, 2006 (college for our friends south of the border) I was moderately depressed, I really didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish in life, I lacked self confidence and always thought if I could just get a girlfriend, things would somehow get better. I was an average nice guy, beta to the tits despite having a hard Alpha as a father. One day it all changed, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I hated my life and where is was heading, so I just woke up one day slapped myself across the face and told myself “Shit is gonna change” and like that I started having a positive attitude, my self-confidence grew, I didn’t care that I was single and I didn’t care what other people thought of me. I literally just had an epiphany.

Fast forward to the summer, I started dressing with style, and self confidence was oozing out of me, I wasn’t looking for love….. but it found me. I met this really cute girl and as luck would have it, she was really into me. We had fun; we enjoyed life, my first real girlfriend. It didn’t take long that I beta backslided, failing shit test after shit test, I should of seen it coming, but I didn’t, I was in love. In the next couple of years the shit testing became worst and worst and she literally became bat shit crazy.

You know the type of girl who seems happy one minute going to a social event, and arriving there, turns into a snidy little bitch, constantly giving you the stink eye for what she perceived as me being flirtatious with everyone…. Including guys for fuck sakes, I mean nothing against you gays, but I don’t love the cock. This only led to fights and ruined nights. Though that pussy was tight and I loved to pound it. My love for her was degrading, and degrading fast, but my lack of options and my total betatude was trying to make things work with her and keep things going. Until the fateful day when I learned that……….. the bitch had cheated on me. I was furious as anyone could imagine, hurling insults after insults belittling her to the point of impermanently damaging her self confidence. I see now it wasn’t her fault, she was following instinct, she was craving an alpha.

To be continued…


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