Lost Saga (Part II)

Part I

I was not the alpha her pussy tingled for, I also wasn’t the alpha she fell for a couple of years prior. Though I remained incredibly self confident in my everyday life, in the relationship I was the epitome of beta. Pleading her to (insert random act here), I catered to her every whim, I listened to her, I took her bitch fests, her extreme jealousy and her craziness. All in the name of pussy… and my lack of options. So that’s it, we were done. Got her to give me road head at some point afterwards but that’s it. And so closes another chapter in my journey to enlightenment.

So after the initial shock, I picked myself off the floor, confidence intact and a brand new attitude, bitches won’t walk all over me again. And they didn’t, I was playing it by ear, failing and succeeding, learning from what I did, say, my successes and my numerous failures. Taking grenades and flirting with every piece of pussy I laid my eyes on. Luckily for me, I had one of the best wingman a guy could ask for. Let’s call him Diesel. Diesel had an incredible ability to open any girl in any situation and instantly build attraction, the girls eyes would light up; smiles and kino would all come naturally. Though Diesel had one major flaw, he had a hard time building enough rapport and coming in with the close.

That’s where I came in, my weakness were his strengths, my strengths his weaknesses. We were, or rather what we thought we were at the time, unstoppable. A one-two punch to any group of girls and we were, on most nights, killing it. During this period I got a few notches, a ton of experience and my first threesome. Don’t get me wrong, we were still running blind and fucking up way more often than not and if my mood wasn’t just right i was still pretty timid, but it was all fun.

I gained a bit of notoriety in my group of friends, not that I was fucking a ton of women; it is who I fucked that got me the attention. Getting my first threesome with a super straight edge classmate/friend’s sister, to tapping my school’s secretary, to taking the worst grenade on my life. All in the name of science.

Is any of this exceptional? No.  But at that time it was, or so everyone thought, none of us were Red Pill exposed.

To be continued…


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