Lost Saga (Part III)

Part I

Part II

Alas I graduated from University and all that free time to game was gone. I’m a working man now. Life went on and I had moderate success here and there. Practically fell head over heels for a girl, gorgeous, a solid 9, but life had other plans for us, and a few months in she passed away. Now that was a hard pill to swallow and I don’t wish it on anyone. That’s all I want to say about that subject. Picked myself up again and I started fine tuning my game, never caring of I closed or not and also never sarging as hard as I did in Uni. I was looking for answers, a place to turn. This life of mine wasn’t real. There was something off. What they tell you, the media, books, society. It wasn’t adding up. They were telling me one thing and yet life experience was screaming another.

The next break through happened when I started a new job, year 2010. I was temporarily transferred to another city and subsequently befriended one of my estranged family member. And this is when I was showed the path, given the option and swallowed the Red Pill. Since then I have never looked back. Everything in my life before this moment seemed fuzzy and out of focus, but now, life was crystal clear, I knew the way and saw life for what it was. I’m now able to determine my mistakes, recover from stumbles and make conscious  moves instead of relying mostly on instinct, until it all becomes second nature.

It’s a great time, i’m glad that i’m finally able to achieve that last 20% of the man i’ve always wanted to become.

Do i still fuck up?…. pretty much every date and every approach, but i’m constantly learning, evolving and tuning and i still have a few flaws that need ironing out but it’s all coming  together.


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