Never admit to having a bad day.

This is a golden rule i see broken time and time again. It most recently really pissed me off when i witnessed my roomate (god bless his little beta heart) tell this really cute girl how bad his day has been and how depressed he is about it. Her sweet expression on her face disappeared as he totally nullified any chance of sleeping with her. Since I’ve been trying to coach him into being a better man, it was like receiving one swift kick of ingratitude to the balls.

You see when someone asks you how your day is, the majority of the time they don’t give a fuck what the reality is, it’s a courtesy question and nothing more. If you are answering in a negative and depressing way, you also drag the mood of that conversation at the same level of your depressive state, therefore initiating a bad conversation and assuring the continuation of your bad day.

Now adversely, if you put your petty emotions aside and respond in a positive way, your subsequent conversation will most likely also be positive, helping you turn your day around for the better. You don’t have to become ridiculously cheering, but a simple “Good” will do the job.

Imagine for a minute you’re in the reverse situation, you are having a decent or even a good day and you strike up a conversation with someone, would you want to hear how horrible their day is? Of course you wouldn’t, it’s a drag and brings your mood down as well, maybe even start feeling resentment towards that person, and you’ll just want to tell them to shut the fuck up! Always think how you would react if someone were a certain way with you, and if it’s not a positive reaction, then don’t be that way towards others. Like the old saying goes, “fake it ’til you make it”

You are the masters of your own happiness.


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