When Crazy Goes Overboard

Some people have a hard time grasping the concept of going no contact, and how it work on girls that have some interest on you.

Well here’s an extreme example, you can read the entire conversation HERE, or listen to goofballs narrate it by clicking HERE

Now let this be a lesson to all of you.

Sound bite link: http://m.soundcloud.com/vaughan-1-1/this-is-what-crazy-looks-like

Picture link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/hgrant/this-is-what-crazy-looks-like-via-text-messaging



5 responses to “When Crazy Goes Overboard

  • Hitched

    Hamster in muthafuckin overdrive!!! Love it!

  • Spacetraveller

    Oh my God…
    After 1 date?

    Wow. She needs some help. And I mean professional help. I actually feel sympathy for her. There must be a really bad emotional problem here.

    • Lost

      It was probably a date that turned one night stand where the guy jumped in way below his league (talking a good 4 to 5 point SMP value here)
      where she knows she wouldn’t be able to do any better in her wildest dreams.

  • Doc

    Dang, I know that drill… Spent the night at a girl’s place I had met late so my phone was on all night and died on the way to work that day. She was close to a metro, so I walked and took it into work that day, fortunately (thanks to Google Voice) everyone calls it when I’m at work so it rings every phone I’m likely to be at throughout the day, but she didn’t have the GV number she had my cell number. Yeah – I didn’t even have a spare charger at work. But everyone who knows me knows that during the day my phone is either off, or in a locker unless I’m in the car. I showered, and dressed at work – where I have a change of clothing. I’m prepared since at least once a month I don’t make it home.

    So I get back to my car that evening, plug in my cell phone and the thing goes nuts, chirping constantly for about 20 minutes. I have something like 200 text messages. I think, “WTF? Did someone die?” So I check and they are all from her – start out normal and then take a left turn into the Twilight Zone. It looked like she was having a psychotic-break via text message. Talking about how she thought we had something special. I’m thinking, WHAT??? I mean it was getting late, she was young, and cute, that was all I could remember about her looks. She knew her way around a d*ck… So I had figured I’d see about hooking up again since I’ve found some gems that didn’t have great packaging.

    Anyway, now I have a “date phone” which is a throw-away that I can charge up with minutes or let it die and buy a new one. It only takes one psycho-bitch to ruin your day…

    This is why I have GV… I can change numbers if I want, and just update the list. So these days my personal cell number is gold – only close friends and family have it – no women get it. Women all get the throw-a-way number since my favorite way to get their number is to get their phone and dial my number – then I have hers and she has mine. Quick and easy before I’m out the door. She taught me how much of a mistake that could be…

    • Lost

      Barney Stinson is that you? haha
      Sounds like you had the pick of the liter right there, i’ve been actually very fortunate to not have came across and like that while casually fucking dating. The ex though, she was on another plane of crazy.

      A toast to psycho bitches, making us live out our worst nightmares since the dawn of time

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