Calling her “Boss” will dry up her clam!

I had an interesting conversation with an old work friend of mine, she’s one of the few that gets it, so we often talk about social dynamics and biomechanics while giving examples of our everyday lives.

On day she tells me: “Lost, I hate when guys talk and refer to us as their ‘Boss.’ I’m not your boss, i never want to be your boss, do you have any how much of a turn off that is?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little, she’s right. I remembered a time back in my youth when i always referred a girl i was dating as the “Boss” things inevitably went south pretty quick, at first she took it lightly, sort of as a joke, but as time progressed, she was getting more and more put off by it to the point of starting arguments which carried a tone of resentment. I had failed as a man, i had failed to lead her in our relationship, to take the reigns so to speak. I had no idea of this phenomena, i always thought to myself “what? isn’t that what women want? to be in control and lead their own lives?”

Obviously i had more problems than just calling her the boss, since i was actively living behind that mantra. “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Sounds familiar?

There is an important lesson to learn from all of this though, is that it never hurts to take charge in a relationship, to lead the way, just don’t stop leading.


4 responses to “Calling her “Boss” will dry up her clam!

  • Hitched

    Sadly I’ve been guilty of the same. They truly do not like it.
    What does come out of my mouth if she talks to me like she is the boss and is requesting something that she can do herself I will answer “would you like your glass slippers polished as well??” with a shit eating grin as I walk away.

  • Spacetraveller

    Lost, couldn’t agree more. It’s fine if it’s a male (non-romantic) friend who calls a woman ‘boss’. But a romantic partner?
    VERY offputting for a woman.
    Unless she is the dominating type, but then again, would a man want that?

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  • found

    No smoothly running organization can have two heads. To set up a marriage with two equals at the head is to set it up for failure.

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