Patience, or Lack Thereof

You can never underestimate the lack of patience in today’s society. An apparent fact that becomes all too real every so often.

This happens often in today’s day and age as our instant world shoves instant products in our mouths in order to get instant gratification. As a society we’ve lost all patience for anything that doesn’t happen right now, which have also made us lose appreciation for pretty much all things in life. With today’s computers giving us answers and information sought in nano seconds, and the media and advertisements selling us products to make every task as fast as possible, with instant coffee, instant messaging, fast food and ATM machines we’ve become accustomed to getting everything we want right fucking now at any moment in any day at a simple whim. Multitasking to the extreme, face hundreds of problems and solve hundreds other problems every day. This have shattered the collective patience of our society, and if by some chance we cannot get what we want right fucking now, we get mad, lose patience and move on to the next thing that’ll give us that same or similar gratification.

Which brings me to my next point.

Every so often, i return home from a long business trip, only to realize the girl i was seeing had “moved on.” Moved on? Really? In only 2, 3, 7 or 14 days? Apparently so. Which raises a conundrum for men in my situation. The general consensus is that courting girls requires time and patience as you don’t want to appear desperate. If i don’t push a little she quickly looses patience and moves on to something that is more “right now” yet if i do push a little harder in order to get more of a bond to last over a business trip i get labelled as desperate. Therefore finding the right balance is key, i find, and to achieve this i’ve noticed that what i chose to do with her directly affects where i stand in her scale of desperate/interesting/waste of time. Personally i’ve had to find things that would make us share a greater intellectual/emotional bond, this would allow me not to press her to spend more time together, and it would keep her interest levels high enough to last through long business trips.

Experiment with different activities, and find your sweet spot.


6 responses to “Patience, or Lack Thereof

  • Spacetraveller

    Yes, patience is a virtue. And it’s all but lost in today’s world. My sympathy, Lost.

    • Lost

      Why is it you make every post i write seem like i’m a victim?
      Maybe you misunderstand me? Or my tone is not properly portrayed?
      Or even maybe i’m reading you wrong?

      I just write about common problems i had/have had and how i dealt with them…. i’m not feeling sorry for myself and neither should you lol.

      • Spacetraveller


        LOL. I am feeling sorry for you more than you are feeling sorry for yourself! Hahahaha. This is classic male-female divide, no? Look, I really do enjoy playing the victim (it’s a female thing I guess) so if there is no reason to play the victim for myself, I shall simply do it for someone else. It’s that simple 🙂

        I was specifically reacting to this:
        “Every so often, i return home from a long business trip, only to realize the girl i was seeing had “moved on.” ”

        I find this incredibly sad on your behalf…you don’t think it is worthy of ‘victimhood’?
        I do!
        (If you don’t, then you are truly ‘stoic’. That’s a trait of masculinity that I know I shall never be able to achieve…).

      • Lost

        Maybe ST… Maybe!
        I really don’t feel sorry for myself for what happens, or has happened to me. It is what it is.
        If i did feel sorry for myself, i’d be in a constant depression whirlwind. If you’ve read my “Lost Saga” you’d see why.
        I live in the present and one day at a time and i truly have a great life….. despite a constant pain in my right ball… i need to get that checked out HAHA

        and the “sad” experiences i talk of is only because those are the ones where i’ve learned the biggest lessons. And i want to share those lessons.

  • Hitched

    So Lost, what type of activities have you tried to help cement a greater emotional bond keeping her hooked till your business trip is over?

    Great post btw, so true about lack of patience in this go go go world.

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