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The “Real” Date

Oh as i was stretching my blogging legs and wondering what to write about i was reading Aneroidocean’s latest post Frailty. He mentioned at the end of the post how one of the girls he’s seeing a validation of commitment. This reminded me of a quick exchange i had in the not so distant past circa 2011.

After finishing a nice romp in the sack with a girl i was seeing at the time, i was just about to fall asleep until i hear.

Girl: So when are you going to take me on a real date.

Me: What are you talking about?

G: You know, go out in public, watch a movie go for diner.

M: I work out of town, when i come back i don’t like the hassle of more restaurants and hitting the town.

G: But you go to the pub with the guys.

M: That’s right

G: All we do is have sex.

M: What are you talking about, we went out and had a date our first time together.

G: That wasn’t a date, i paid for all your drinks.

M: So.

G: I just want to go out on a real date where you treat me.

M: …….

G: Fine, no sex until i get a real day.

M: Fine.

I turnaround and passed out. 6 am the next morning i was gone and i’ve never spoken to her again. I can tolerate a lot of shit, but that’s one thing i definitely do not tolerate, the “no sex” threat. My mom always told me “Lost, as soon as a women threatens you with no sex, kick her to the curb.” Now thats the soundest piece of advice i’ve ever received from a woman.

It just goes to show, that sooner or later they all look to put that commitment stamp on it, whatever means necessary.


The End of Civilization

Alright, since i’m lazy towards this blog and it takes me such a while to post any current events that they are now old news, i’m finally jumping on this Anti-Tawkify bandwaggon.

I’m not even going to give the site satisfaction by linking to it.

So you should all know the premise of this site by now. Old over the hill with nothing to offer in a relationship who rode the cock carousel serial monogamy and now are all used up and want to settle down with an Alpha they don’t deserve entitled princesses who are all special little snow flakes Women join free with the promise of have a silver platter of potential betas suitors ripe for the picking. The men go on the website, answer a few question including income and send in a picture of themselves to this matchmaker behind the scenes, the men pay for this privileged. The women in turn select their best suitor by laughing at seriously examining every aspect of said potential suitors. The chosen suitor then receives a phone call the following Monday and has a strict 7 minutes to impress the princess woman who has chosen him. Here’s the kicker, the men aren’t allowed to know anything about the woman who chose them nor how she looks like…… guaranteed the girl on the other line is a land whale.

Imagine if the reverse were true. We all know it would never take off and today’s women love to have their cake and eat it too. (Which is what has made them all land whales to start off with.

Land Whale wants more cake!

I don’t know about you but shit like this really grinds my gears. To quote Rodney Dangerfield: “I get no respect.” And this is exactly what this does to the beta chumps men who apply, it automatically assumes they are all criminals and it gives none of them an ounce of respect.

Part of it is our own fault, if we’d all stop drooling like a 2nd grader who’s seen his first set of boobs after finding his dad’s Playboy stache whenever we have a slight glimmer of hope that we’re going to get laid, if we were all suave as fuck, cool as a motherfucking cucumber, this shit would probably not happen. But instead there are probably tens of thousands of us that would gladly dish out however much Tawkify charges to have the honour the be trampled on and degraded.

“So Lost, tell me how you really feel.”

This is NOT who's on the other end when receiving a Tawkify phone call

if you want to learn more, there is nothing i can say here that hasn’t already been said elsewhere, so here are the links:

Here’s what you do — add a link to this post on your blog that looks like this:


Hell, you can just copy and paste that onto your blog. Even better, write your own post discombobulating Tawkify. The more articles explaining why Tawkify is a reeking sewer, the better. When your post is up, let me know and I’ll add a link to it here. It is time for the manosphere to unite for a good cause, the cause of making the comfortable uncomfortable. The cause of Fucking Their Shit Up. To victory!

Never admit to having a bad day.

This is a golden rule i see broken time and time again. It most recently really pissed me off when i witnessed my roomate (god bless his little beta heart) tell this really cute girl how bad his day has been and how depressed he is about it. Her sweet expression on her face disappeared as he totally nullified any chance of sleeping with her. Since I’ve been trying to coach him into being a better man, it was like receiving one swift kick of ingratitude to the balls.

You see when someone asks you how your day is, the majority of the time they don’t give a fuck what the reality is, it’s a courtesy question and nothing more. If you are answering in a negative and depressing way, you also drag the mood of that conversation at the same level of your depressive state, therefore initiating a bad conversation and assuring the continuation of your bad day.

Now adversely, if you put your petty emotions aside and respond in a positive way, your subsequent conversation will most likely also be positive, helping you turn your day around for the better. You don’t have to become ridiculously cheering, but a simple “Good” will do the job.

Imagine for a minute you’re in the reverse situation, you are having a decent or even a good day and you strike up a conversation with someone, would you want to hear how horrible their day is? Of course you wouldn’t, it’s a drag and brings your mood down as well, maybe even start feeling resentment towards that person, and you’ll just want to tell them to shut the fuck up! Always think how you would react if someone were a certain way with you, and if it’s not a positive reaction, then don’t be that way towards others. Like the old saying goes, “fake it ’til you make it”

You are the masters of your own happiness.

And another one goes…

So i’m sitting here on the brink of going to bed and it’s been another night of listening to the herb next door pleading and catering to what i can only assume is his new girlfriend. From the sounds of it she’s an over entitled “goddess” that only deserves the best of it all, (In your dreams toots) yet this guy seems to be willing to give it to her.

Topics discussed:

  • How he wants to share his life with her.
  • Pleading her to give him a “chance”
  • He isn’t the man he used to be
  • She changed his world
  • And a whole bunch of other vomit inducing beta graveling
Now if you’ve been around the manosphere long enough… or even for 30 seconds, you know that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will only result in drying up her clam faster than you can say “foreplay”.
I’m usually not the type to actively help strangers with these types of issues (coming from a guy who has a fucking blog to help strangers on these types of issues… i know, it’s anonymous sort of so leave me the fuck alone ha!) in all seriousness now, i just have to do something. Not because i feel bad, but because its annoying the living shit out of me, i can’t stand the pissing and moaning of an emasculated man and i just want him to stop spending hours on the phone every night acting like a little bitch!
I may not be the best at all this, but i’m definitely head and shoulders above this guy.
I got to figure out how i’ll approach this…. stay tuned.