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Slumping It Up!


Yes slumps…we all have them… No question that at one point in time in your life, you’ll start to slump, whether it be work, gym or girls. I was in such a predicament earlier this year. Seemed not much was going my way and besides the old faithfuls, i wasn’t getting any new pussy. These are the times that separate the men from the wannabies.

Getting out of a slump is easy said, but it does take a moral and emotional toll, the best way i found to get through those is a change of scenery, a mental reboot. Go camping, road trip, sun destination, change work locations, ski weekends, surf weekends, whatever gets you out of your routine, your day to day life and a bit of your comfort zone. Use this time to relax, do things you want to do alone or with a select few you want to do it with. try to avoid big groups of people, this is “You” time and use it to reconnect yourself. Literally this reboots you brain, cleans the dust off your motherboard and adds more RAM if you will. I won’t delve into the psychology of it all, i like to keep my posts short clean and simple, but fuck, when did doing your body mind and soul good become an exact science anyway.

You just got to buckle down, don’t sweat it and live life for you and the rest will figure itself out. And rebooting yourself is just one great tool to get out of a slump. Remember the best things come when you aren’t searching for it. Searching makes you desperate, if you make it a passive goal to achieve, where everything you do has a positive effect on achieving this side goal, in no time this goal will have been achieved.

In the end YOU are the goal, everything else are just peripherals.


The End of Civilization

Alright, since i’m lazy towards this blog and it takes me such a while to post any current events that they are now old news, i’m finally jumping on this Anti-Tawkify bandwaggon.

I’m not even going to give the site satisfaction by linking to it.

So you should all know the premise of this site by now. Old over the hill with nothing to offer in a relationship who rode the cock carousel serial monogamy and now are all used up and want to settle down with an Alpha they don’t deserve entitled princesses who are all special little snow flakes Women join free with the promise of have a silver platter of potential betas suitors ripe for the picking. The men go on the website, answer a few question including income and send in a picture of themselves to this matchmaker behind the scenes, the men pay for this privileged. The women in turn select their best suitor by laughing at seriously examining every aspect of said potential suitors. The chosen suitor then receives a phone call the following Monday and has a strict 7 minutes to impress the princess woman who has chosen him. Here’s the kicker, the men aren’t allowed to know anything about the woman who chose them nor how she looks like…… guaranteed the girl on the other line is a land whale.

Imagine if the reverse were true. We all know it would never take off and today’s women love to have their cake and eat it too. (Which is what has made them all land whales to start off with.

Land Whale wants more cake!

I don’t know about you but shit like this really grinds my gears. To quote Rodney Dangerfield: “I get no respect.” And this is exactly what this does to the beta chumps men who apply, it automatically assumes they are all criminals and it gives none of them an ounce of respect.

Part of it is our own fault, if we’d all stop drooling like a 2nd grader who’s seen his first set of boobs after finding his dad’s Playboy stache whenever we have a slight glimmer of hope that we’re going to get laid, if we were all suave as fuck, cool as a motherfucking cucumber, this shit would probably not happen. But instead there are probably tens of thousands of us that would gladly dish out however much Tawkify charges to have the honour the be trampled on and degraded.

“So Lost, tell me how you really feel.”

This is NOT who's on the other end when receiving a Tawkify phone call

if you want to learn more, there is nothing i can say here that hasn’t already been said elsewhere, so here are the links:

Here’s what you do — add a link to this post on your blog that looks like this:


Hell, you can just copy and paste that onto your blog. Even better, write your own post discombobulating Tawkify. The more articles explaining why Tawkify is a reeking sewer, the better. When your post is up, let me know and I’ll add a link to it here. It is time for the manosphere to unite for a good cause, the cause of making the comfortable uncomfortable. The cause of Fucking Their Shit Up. To victory!

Realization – To be or not to be

I came to a stark realization a few weeks ago after a particular date.

I was set up by a friend and therefore got some great feedback into the psyche of the female brain after i take them out. Some of which were exectly what i wanted to hear, what were meant to be insults were actually great compliments. Other things were just the laments of the 30 some year old entitled princess about to hit the wall, if she hasn’t already, i got a glimpse as to why at her age she isn’t married/LTR nor have any kids. Dodged that bullet, gotta love gossiping friends!

But this feedback reveled to me the disappointing fact why “dates” per se haven’t been working for me as of late.

You see when i first started to learn about Game and all its wonderful intricacies, i failed to accurately determine at which point on the scale i was starting off at. There’s the advice floating in the manosphere to “not be yourself” and “be the man you should be” – Great advice if you’re a man starting at or near the bottom of the barrel. I apparently wasn’t starting near the bottom, and i took that advice seriously.

In turn, i was behaving too strongly, too one sided and one dimension, i didn’t have the right balance. I have now come to the realization that i used to have more of that “right balance.” With the feedback (gossip) that i’ve heard, and putting the pieces together, i noticed when i wasn’t putting up that front of not being myself, i had more successful interactions with people around me with every day affairs (haircuts – Bank services – Government services – etc.), So metaphorically speaking, a light went off and it all became clear to me.

It definitely showed an immense difference when a week later i took a different girl out, i toned it down, and became more myself. The night was 100% more successful, and things flowed as it should. She’s excited when i make contact and the likes.

Looks like this only happened while on dates since i was consciously behaving a certain way, amping up different aspects, and experimenting.

I’m going back to my old, albeit more refined, behavior.

Lesson learned: Know where you initially stand before taking advice to the maximum.

The Psychology behind game.

If you’ve ever wondered about the psychology that pushes most of us to learn game (better ourselves) and to play on this psychology to give us the best advantage possible in order to attract women, or you’re having trouble putting all the bits and pieces of the psychology game is founded on from around the web, well there’s a show that the Discovery channel had put together some time ago called “The Science of Sex Appeal” It’s surprisingly mostly true considering the feminist washed world we live in today. You can’t fuck with science people!

The video (there are 9 parts on Youtube) will give you a basic understanding of our primal psychology towards mating and our basic chemistry during courtship. It’s with this in mind that you can properly conceive your game to give you the best advantage possible.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Watch part 1



Well Movember is almost upon us once again, so it’s time to grow that Mo for prostate cancer awareness and just plain ol’ men’s health awareness.


For the second year now i’ll be collecting money for charity and growing my dirty stache. i personally don’t have thick facial hair and therefore i’ve always been branded as a dirty mexican when i have any spec of man hair on my mug.

But i’m not one to just do what every one tells me so i just keep growing that thigh tickler, and neither should you.

I challenge every man to grow their upper lip luxury and join me in raising awareness for men’s health. You hear a lot about breast cancer and the month of November is our month, let’s take advantage of it.

Though i’m not sure how my dirty stache affects me and my game. It hasn’t stopped girls from talking to me and when i tell them i actually raise money for it most get a little glow in their eye… though it sure doesn’t help in my looks department.

I didn’t get much of a chance to test it last year, so i’m going to make a greater effort to test it this year since my game has definitely picked up over the year.