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Cutting your Losses

Often, there comes a time where you need to cut your losses and turn your back on the girl you’ve been pursuing. This point can come within minutes or hours, or the point of no return can come months later.

The reason this is coming up, is because i am at one of these points right now with a girl i’ve been seeing. And i’ve been dragged far beyond my line of no return than i’d like to admit. I think the reason i let myself get to this point is two fold, one, i haven’t met a girl that i’ve meshed with mentally for a very long time, and i guess i got overly excited, two, we started it off so well, everything was text book and she was investing way more into me than i would into her and so on. I also indirectly broke her ankle and she still paid the rounds at the bar that very night.

I’m pretty sure my demised was sealed due to my work schedule when she ushered the words

“Every time you come back, it’s like i have to get to know you all over again.”

I should of probably seen it coming after that, the slight loss in interest, hindsight is after all 20/20, but i let it continue for a couple more turnarounds (the term we use to illustrate our time spent at home) when i should of just spent my time and energy towards other interests.

Though she still seems interested, its way below the level of interest i’d like it to be.

Live and learn, to have clear boundaries and the willpower to follow those without fail is my lesson for the month.

On a brighter note, one door closes 3 more open….. literally.

Later days


Camp life… How NOT to go about it.

Oh the lovely setting of camp life, the scenery, the wildlife, the birds chirping and a massive amount of construction equipment making a racket everywhere. It’s a perfect time to work on yourself while you’re away from the prying eyes of society.

But i know what you are thinking, “But i work 12 hours a day and i have no energy to hit the gym and eat right.”


Let me tell you a little slice of my life. I was once like you. You see, in 3 weeks i managed to gain enough weight that i had to travel home in work clothes because i have purposely bought them bigger in order to be more comfortable at work. Imagine my surprise when i tried to slip into my jeans only to find out they don’t pass my fat thighs, fat hips and fat ass, and i’m a hockey player, we’re used to having larger than normal thighs hips and ass…… I was ashamed. I was even more ashamed when my parents were telling me out right that i was fat, and my friend told me i “filled in those jeans quite well”

At least i was born with good genes, and i’ve always been athletic, so i shaved the weight i had gained in a matter of a month after i headed back to school.

How did i manage to get so morbidly obese? Easy. I skipped breakfast, i would take a LARGE brown paper lunch bag and fill it with brownies, pastries and cookies….. i would even get mad when people would asked me for a cookie during the day. The bag was filled to the brim and i couldn’t fold the top in order to carry it, instead i had to carry it in my arms like a 20 lbs baby. After work i’d devour 3 plates of food from our all you can eat buffet. I’d then plop down in front of the tv and fall asleep.

I’d tell myself, “OK tonight i’m starting to workout, no excuses” but when the time came i’d make lame excuses like i was too tired or i would just fall asleep. The lazier i became, the lazier i got…. its a vicious fucking cycle.

Fast forward to the next summer, thankfully my family and friends shamed the fuck out of me for being fat… well fatter, as i hadn’t ever broken the 200lbs milestone.

I was determined to workout and eat right. As easy as it is to eat unhealthy in place where food and prepared for you, it’s also incredibly easy to eat right. Watching my portions required thought, and hitting the gym, at first, required a bit more effort. but here is the kicker. Them more you go to the gym, the more stamina and energy you have to be able to hit the gym… now that is a wonderful cycle, as it gets to the point where you are looking forward to destroy yourself while working out… not to mention sleeping gets better and more refreshing.

I know i know, working away from home gives one giant excuse to be lazy….. DON’T… this is the time to revamp yourself. Because apart from that… what else are you going to do, it’s not like you can go out on a “night on the town”

So the question is, do you want to be like me and get fat, or do you want to be like me and reinvent yourself.

If you’re reading this blog, i think the answer is obvious.


If like me, you are away from home a lot and if, like me, you work in a very male centric field. Once you get back to civilization you might get approach anxiety and you might feel a little rusty in your game. There are a few things you can do to get back into it without hardly ever missing a beat.

One thing I like to do is get rid of my rustiness right out of the plane, or hell even practice in the plane if my flight attendant is a woman. Start small talk with EVERY girl you see, especially the ones working the airlines and the airport, they have no choice BUT to be courteous and smiling, open them with the weather, the dreary uniforms they have to wear, anything. This will put you back at ease to talking to the opposite sex and will warm you up for when you really want to do damage.

Now even though the ladies at work may be few and far between, doesn’t mean there are any. Usually the kitchen and cleaning staff are mostly comprised of women, chat with them, converse, work on the fundamentals and experiment a bit on different thing, play with your cocky/funny game to find what really works for you. Best thing about this is that you never let yourself get rusty. Doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t hit that or you normally wouldn’t talk to them. As Roissy has stated before, treat and game everyone you meet. Chances are the girls in the kitchen might make you personal lunches, and the cleaning ladies may start doing your laundry. You can’t lose.

You really want to make the most out of your time at home, never losing your edge is the key.

Fitness on the fly

Alright guys, here’s a no brainer, but yet it seems to always pop up in conversation with people I meet on the road in the same situation that I’m in. We all know by now, or should know (hopefully I’m not the first game blog you’ve been reading) that working out does heighten your DMV, now the most common excuses I hear from guys on the road is that they don’t have the “time” or they don’t have the equipment. That’s hocus pocus.

1)      You can fit a pair of runners, shorts and shirt in your carryon bag, problem 1 solved.

2)      I’d also go so far as saying 90% of all hotels now have a gym or fitness center open to guests, use it, you are right there and the commute is literally 30 seconds to a minute. If by chance no fitness center is available, it’s really easy to go for a run, do some crunches and sit ups, pound out some pushups. Want an ab work out you can do in your hotel room, click here. Problem 2 solved.

3)      So you don’t have “time” you say? And how many hours do you spend watching the old tube in the hotel room? Time is relative; you always have the time providing you MAKE the time. This is the laziest excuse to anything that anyone can ever use. You are basically telling the world and yourself that whatever you don’t have “time” for is unimportant to you. This one really grinds my gears. Problem 3 solved.

4)      What about my routine? Well, what about it? You’re body will thank you for ripping it out of an old boring routine. Your body needs to keep guessing as to what you’ll put it through next in order to cut through plateaus and boredom.

If you work in a camp environment, this works especially well. It’s even better than if you were stuck in hotels. In camps meals come easy and fast (if only girls were that easy) you have plenty of time to pop an hour in the fitness center or running around the site, even if you work 12 hours a day. It’s all about the willingness to do what it takes and making the time for it.

Here’s another routine I’ve used on the road. Click me

Of herbs and men

So last night I’m sitting in my camp room waiting for the football game to start (no this isn’t bible camp, I work camp jobs in remote location). The guy next door walks into his room talking on the phone with his girlfriend. If you’ve ever worked on a camp job, you know the walls are paper thin, regardless, I’ve been hearing this guy’s conversations for the past few days and they all have one common theme… the guy is a giant vagina, conversations littered with “no baby you know I’ll take care of you” “baby baby I’ll always be there for you” and the likes, I couldn’t help but get absolutely disgusted with his herb like behavior.

Now I can only assume that every night this woman unleashes a flurry of emotions at him and he tries to appease her in every wrong way possible. His inability to man up, grow a pair and treat her in the proper manner will, guaranteed, be the relationship’s demise.

Which brings me to my point, just because one may work away from home does not mean his game should come to a screeching halt. It’ll only make you appear desperate which will in return, as we all know, dry her up faster than you can blink. You have to mold your game in order to compensate for the distance, I often go my entire rotation without even a text to the girl except for when she needs to come pick me up at the airport for which she usually cannot wait.

The less said, the better off you are.