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Dating a Feminist

My brother is dating a hardcore hipsterish feminist. An attractive woman that has previously sworn off relationship and companionship in order to get rich, preferably by marrying an old rich dude. I avoid all gender conversations except for the occasional slip up, in which case i just stop talking and get on with whatever a was doing. There is no point in arguing anything.

Recently i went out for breakfast with my brother and his girl and afterwards ditched the girl and spent a day with my brother. While driving around i asked him.

Me: How is dating a feminist.

Brother: The sex is great.

And that was it, nothing more needed to be said on that subject. You see my brother is also somewhat of a natural (i blame our common upbringing) that got headbutted into the right direction after a series of unfortunate events regarding his ex, even after he had done everything “right.”

So after reflecting on his answer and his actions, or lack there of, towards his current partner, it all made sense. Her viewpoint on feminism doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t care to hear it, and never treads those waters. He keeps conversation light and teases her constantly and never takes her seriously. She would parade him to family and friends and tout him as her boyfriend, my brother would turn around and never mention her to my family. He does everything the “Game” way. Though he doesn’t buy/care about all the stuff we cover here on all our blogs, he sure made the realization and is living with the core principles.

The funny thing is, she, on the hand, has started to become what she despises…. a¬†dependent, a girlfriend… a woman. Though she still bucks and talks all tough, she sure doesn’t act like it anymore, chanting her convictions during the day, and playing the “wife” at night. I find it amusing how willingly she became this way after having a taste of a real man.


I can’t help but being proud of my little brother.


Women turning against femenists

Here’s an interesting quick read about a contemporary woman’s view on feminism.


She broadly points out issues that normal women have against feminism and why it’s making more and more women turn away laughing at the femisnist agenda.

Browsing Google, a user asked a question on why people regard feminism as such a big joke. Here’s what a female (Brittany) had to respond:

It’s a joke because feminists make it a joke. They have no one to blame but themselves and their actions. Feminism is filled with female chauvinists, male-bashing and completely non-nonsensical arguments. Feminists only look at one side of things, and only want to deal with women’s problems, even though we are pretty damn privileged in today’s Western society. We have achieved far better rights to men in most ways, and feminists still continue to demand more, and complain.

You said “REAL problems feminists are fighting like abuse, rape, sexual harrassment.”
Okay, rape will always exist, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop that. How much help is there in this world for rape victims? a hell of a lot. a woman can even accuse a man of rape (after she got drunk, and then changed her mind the next morning) and destroy him with no evidence. a woman’s word holds up a lot higher in court. and the amount of support women get for domestic violence, yet when a man is being abused, he’s called a wuss and no one would even take him seriously. You make it sound like men are the only people who commit crimes, well it goes both way, but no, feminists want women to be victims and men perpetrators.

Your jig is up feminists….. time to lay down the arms… and the god damn¬†whining.