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Well Movember is almost upon us once again, so it’s time to grow that Mo for prostate cancer awareness and just plain ol’ men’s health awareness.


For the second year now i’ll be collecting money for charity and growing my dirty stache. i personally don’t have thick facial hair and therefore i’ve always been branded as a dirty mexican when i have any spec of man hair on my mug.

But i’m not one to just do what every one tells me so i just keep growing that thigh tickler, and neither should you.

I challenge every man to grow their upper lip luxury and join me in raising awareness for men’s health. You hear a lot about breast cancer and the month of November is our month, let’s take advantage of it.

Though i’m not sure how my dirty stache affects me and my game. It hasn’t stopped girls from talking to me and when i tell them i actually raise money for it most get a little glow in their eye… though it sure doesn’t help in my looks department.

I didn’t get much of a chance to test it last year, so i’m going to make a greater effort to test it this year since my game has definitely picked up over the year.