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The Pajama Epidemic

There’s a recent post at Heartiste entitled Pajama Feminism, you can read it here.

Now this brings up a huge pet peeve of mine shared by most of my friends. I remember in my good ol’ University days the plethora of women, late teens to mid twenties, hot or fat, that would wear pajama pants and nasty sweat pants with [School Name] plastered on their asses. There is nothing more revolting in the world, nothing worst that tells me “Hey, look at me, i absolutely do not care about myself enough to wear real pants”

It would reach its peak during finals season, picture this if you will, matted hair, baggy sweats or pajamas, stained and used, slept in and drooled on, hell maybe it’s even full of cum and pussy juices. Not a pretty sight is it. Now multiply that by approximately 500…. you can stop screaming now.

I know an older couple, the man’s wife is gorgeous for her age, but she does not show herself in public until she’s showered and primped up, now she’s a little of an extreme example, but it just goes to show how far society has come and how far feminism has pushed the devil may care doctrine on appearance. Now its all good that you don’t care what others think of you, but fuck sake’s care about what you think about yourself, the more you dress like a slob, the more you get treated and the more people think you actually are a slob with no pride in anything you do. This can have adverse consequences once you get out in the world in the working place trying to make it. If you aren’t appearing professional, and aren’t appearing like you care about you job and take pride in your work, your boss will be a hard ass on you and you will be scolded. And the right mentality starts as a young adult.

It’s a shame to see the decline in good world values and the rise of the “i deserve it all” attitude. Feminism isn’t the only party to blame, but it sure isn’t helping.