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Leap Year Marriage Proposal Traditions

My blog’s only fan, after reading my Valentine’s Day post, got in contact with me and asked if i would be so kind as to shed some manosphere light on the tradition of the female’s marriage proposal on leap years. Struggling to find a topic (read: laziness) i agreed.

I must admit i don’t know much about this tradition, and i haven’t heard anything about it until a girl came over once with a movie in hand entitled “Leap Year” original, i know. I watched for a whole 5 minutes until the movie only became background noise to a more pleasurable activity.

Doing a quick search i found out that the Scotts and the English made this tradition “popular” but hasn’t been attested before the 19th century. Though it is said in the 1200’s, a young Scottish queen made a law that required the man pay a fine to the lady if her proposal was refused.

This tradition also carries over to the Danes and Finns, and similar taxes (in goods) must be paid to the lady if the proposal is refused.

How about us in the Americas, i must say that it isn’t very popular here in Canada but maybe i just don’t hang out with those people. But since we are a mash up of many different cultures, i am sure there are some that take this more seriously than others.

So what does this mean with today’s social dynamics? I can only really hypothesized since i’ve never been immersed in this tradition.

It’s a tradition that flips the script, a script that should by all means be eradicated by feminism by now but isn’t, since feminists like having no responsibilities for anything, but i won’t get into it.

You see, this leap year tradition helps women deal with the thought of a  potential rejection with the incentive of taxes levied on the rejecting party, removing that failure feeling with a win – win situation. Now i’m sure the taxes aren’t enforced anymore but the psychological benefits are still there. Thoughts like “he can’t reject me, it’s leap year!” musters up the woman’s courage, but also totally destroyers her when this false sense of hope is shattered by a rejection. Which make the lows all that much lower.

It also touches on the woman’s neurons of catching that prized Alpha male into a commitment without dishing out relatively anything, which is catnip to the woman’s psyche. Which is then destroyed by the subsequent Alpha male’s rejection. I don’t know about you, but i’d gladly pay a tax of 10 pairs of gloves to a warthog.

Then there are the chumps who would gladly accept such a proposal because it shows courage in a woman. True, but we all know assertiveness and leading is the man’s job, and this script flipping tradition makes the woman the leader and assertive, the marriage starts out on the wrong foot from the get go, and time goes by she will start to resent her mate for his lack of leadership qualities. Regular readers of manosphere blogs know this already.

A woman will reluctantly lead a relationship if need be, but its a cursed that slowly eats at the relationship from deep within its core until the relationship is no more, so sack up and lead boys, it won’t kill ya.