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Dating a Feminist

My brother is dating a hardcore hipsterish feminist. An attractive woman that has previously sworn off relationship and companionship in order to get rich, preferably by marrying an old rich dude. I avoid all gender conversations except for the occasional slip up, in which case i just stop talking and get on with whatever a was doing. There is no point in arguing anything.

Recently i went out for breakfast with my brother and his girl and afterwards ditched the girl and spent a day with my brother. While driving around i asked him.

Me: How is dating a feminist.

Brother: The sex is great.

And that was it, nothing more needed to be said on that subject. You see my brother is also somewhat of a natural (i blame our common upbringing) that got headbutted into the right direction after a series of unfortunate events regarding his ex, even after he had done everything “right.”

So after reflecting on his answer and his actions, or lack there of, towards his current partner, it all made sense. Her viewpoint on feminism doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t care to hear it, and never treads those waters. He keeps conversation light and teases her constantly and never takes her seriously. She would parade him to family and friends and tout him as her boyfriend, my brother would turn around and never mention her to my family. He does everything the “Game” way. Though he doesn’t buy/care about all the stuff we cover here on all our blogs, he sure made the realization and is living with the core principles.

The funny thing is, she, on the hand, has started to become what she despises…. a dependent, a girlfriend… a woman. Though she still bucks and talks all tough, she sure doesn’t act like it anymore, chanting her convictions during the day, and playing the “wife” at night. I find it amusing how willingly she became this way after having a taste of a real man.


I can’t help but being proud of my little brother.


Calling her “Boss” will dry up her clam!

I had an interesting conversation with an old work friend of mine, she’s one of the few that gets it, so we often talk about social dynamics and biomechanics while giving examples of our everyday lives.

On day she tells me: “Lost, I hate when guys talk and refer to us as their ‘Boss.’ I’m not your boss, i never want to be your boss, do you have any how much of a turn off that is?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little, she’s right. I remembered a time back in my youth when i always referred a girl i was dating as the “Boss” things inevitably went south pretty quick, at first she took it lightly, sort of as a joke, but as time progressed, she was getting more and more put off by it to the point of starting arguments which carried a tone of resentment. I had failed as a man, i had failed to lead her in our relationship, to take the reigns so to speak. I had no idea of this phenomena, i always thought to myself “what? isn’t that what women want? to be in control and lead their own lives?”

Obviously i had more problems than just calling her the boss, since i was actively living behind that mantra. “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Sounds familiar?

There is an important lesson to learn from all of this though, is that it never hurts to take charge in a relationship, to lead the way, just don’t stop leading.

When Crazy Goes Overboard

Some people have a hard time grasping the concept of going no contact, and how it work on girls that have some interest on you.

Well here’s an extreme example, you can read the entire conversation HERE, or listen to goofballs narrate it by clicking HERE

Now let this be a lesson to all of you.

Sound bite link: http://m.soundcloud.com/vaughan-1-1/this-is-what-crazy-looks-like

Picture link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/hgrant/this-is-what-crazy-looks-like-via-text-messaging


Valentine’s Day: Where Women Prostitute Themselves in the Guise of Love

Ah, yes Valentine’s Day, where men in the western world spend hundreds of dollars (each) in the name of love and the fleeting hope of bedroom acrobatics (sex in case you didn’t get it)

Seems like prostitution to me.

Putting aside all the psychological and game reasons why V-day is bad, let’s just concentrate on this theory for now.

You see when a man purchases a block of time from a prostitute, a business transaction is made, and then she holds up her end of the bargain, no fuss. If she doesn’t it is on all accounts theft and fraud.

When a man buys his woman gift on V-Day, he does so in order to get some sexy time later on, he enters in a business transaction, he is essentially trying to buy her love, and on this day the woman will more then likely not fulfill her end of the bargain. You see she can now withhold her end under the protection of the V-Day umbrella…… oh the joys.

Now if you were a real man, and realize that doing anything big for your significant other on V-Day has the opposite effect of what you are trying to accomplish, then you wouldn’t be in this predicament now would you?

Be like the picture above, Be a real man, and don’t buy women’s hearts and affection.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up!

The next post comes from a friend of mine, let’s call him…. Doucheface.

Kidding, what a guy can’t make a joke on his own blog? Stop being so sensitive.

We’ll call him Hitched, for obvious reasons. Had a great idea for a post so i told him to write it up. Long story short, here it is.


There is a type of male that can sometimes be confused with being Alpha. Let’s refer to him as the “Alpha Poser”.  We all know one or more of these guys.  I personally know of one in particular, in which led me to jot down a list of differences.

At first glance he appears Alpha. He can appear to be decisive, he can lead, he’s cocky, overly confident, and an asshole.  Many women will fall prey to this guy, confusing some of these qualities for the real deal.   However it doesn’t take long before his true self comes shinning through, and unless they are a perpetual victim they will be turned off by him. His Alpha persona is driven by his deep seeded insecurities, which is easily pushed aside when he is confronted or provoked.

Lets breakdown the differences between this type of male and a true alpha male:

Hot headed Cool and aloof.  Not easily provoked
Leads by intimidation Inspires and attracts others, role model
Aggressive, with anger and physical intimidation Assertive, clearly stating his opinion without intimidation
His way or the highway. Angrily insists his way is best.  Rarely relaxed Creates his own destiny in life. Not afraid of failure. Flexible, rolls with the punches
Overly cocky. A complete dick. Easily bent out of shape if challenged, the “Caring Asshole” Confident and secure with himself and others. Detached from letting emotions run him, the “Uncaring Asshole”
Anti social for the most part unless the center of attention, in which he forces upon others. Hates people including himself Makes connections with people, is generous. Has a commanding presence in a room.
Is a “tribal threat”. Picks on other men and women. Is a bully. domineering Protects and leads the “tribe” leads by being naturally dominant. And the “tribe” in turns provide for his needs
Makes comments that make others uncomfortable Funny and charming, attractive to anyone
Outcome dependent Outcome independent

Clearly the Alpha male is dominant, having a position of dominance; it’s not related exclusively to a person, but also a positionthat one holds (figuratively ie: Body Language). The alpha male is dominant and doesn’t need to force anyone to do anything. They willingly submit to him.

The “Alpha Poser” is domineering. The term always refers to a person and used to describe that person’s actions.  Bullying is and example of domineering behaviour. It always has a negative connotation.

The Pajama Epidemic

There’s a recent post at Heartiste entitled Pajama Feminism, you can read it here.

Now this brings up a huge pet peeve of mine shared by most of my friends. I remember in my good ol’ University days the plethora of women, late teens to mid twenties, hot or fat, that would wear pajama pants and nasty sweat pants with [School Name] plastered on their asses. There is nothing more revolting in the world, nothing worst that tells me “Hey, look at me, i absolutely do not care about myself enough to wear real pants”

It would reach its peak during finals season, picture this if you will, matted hair, baggy sweats or pajamas, stained and used, slept in and drooled on, hell maybe it’s even full of cum and pussy juices. Not a pretty sight is it. Now multiply that by approximately 500…. you can stop screaming now.

I know an older couple, the man’s wife is gorgeous for her age, but she does not show herself in public until she’s showered and primped up, now she’s a little of an extreme example, but it just goes to show how far society has come and how far feminism has pushed the devil may care doctrine on appearance. Now its all good that you don’t care what others think of you, but fuck sake’s care about what you think about yourself, the more you dress like a slob, the more you get treated and the more people think you actually are a slob with no pride in anything you do. This can have adverse consequences once you get out in the world in the working place trying to make it. If you aren’t appearing professional, and aren’t appearing like you care about you job and take pride in your work, your boss will be a hard ass on you and you will be scolded. And the right mentality starts as a young adult.

It’s a shame to see the decline in good world values and the rise of the “i deserve it all” attitude. Feminism isn’t the only party to blame, but it sure isn’t helping.

The Psychology behind game.

If you’ve ever wondered about the psychology that pushes most of us to learn game (better ourselves) and to play on this psychology to give us the best advantage possible in order to attract women, or you’re having trouble putting all the bits and pieces of the psychology game is founded on from around the web, well there’s a show that the Discovery channel had put together some time ago called “The Science of Sex Appeal” It’s surprisingly mostly true considering the feminist washed world we live in today. You can’t fuck with science people!

The video (there are 9 parts on Youtube) will give you a basic understanding of our primal psychology towards mating and our basic chemistry during courtship. It’s with this in mind that you can properly conceive your game to give you the best advantage possible.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Watch part 1