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Cutting your Losses

Often, there comes a time where you need to cut your losses and turn your back on the girl you’ve been pursuing. This point can come within minutes or hours, or the point of no return can come months later.

The reason this is coming up, is because i am at one of these points right now with a girl i’ve been seeing. And i’ve been dragged far beyond my line of no return than i’d like to admit. I think the reason i let myself get to this point is two fold, one, i haven’t met a girl that i’ve meshed with mentally for a very long time, and i guess i got overly excited, two, we started it off so well, everything was text book and she was investing way more into me than i would into her and so on. I also indirectly broke her ankle and she still paid the rounds at the bar that very night.

I’m pretty sure my demised was sealed due to my work schedule when she ushered the words

“Every time you come back, it’s like i have to get to know you all over again.”

I should of probably seen it coming after that, the slight loss in interest, hindsight is after all 20/20, but i let it continue for a couple more turnarounds (the term we use to illustrate our time spent at home) when i should of just spent my time and energy towards other interests.

Though she still seems interested, its way below the level of interest i’d like it to be.

Live and learn, to have clear boundaries and the willpower to follow those without fail is my lesson for the month.

On a brighter note, one door closes 3 more open….. literally.

Later days


Dating a Feminist

My brother is dating a hardcore hipsterish feminist. An attractive woman that has previously sworn off relationship and companionship in order to get rich, preferably by marrying an old rich dude. I avoid all gender conversations except for the occasional slip up, in which case i just stop talking and get on with whatever a was doing. There is no point in arguing anything.

Recently i went out for breakfast with my brother and his girl and afterwards ditched the girl and spent a day with my brother. While driving around i asked him.

Me: How is dating a feminist.

Brother: The sex is great.

And that was it, nothing more needed to be said on that subject. You see my brother is also somewhat of a natural (i blame our common upbringing) that got headbutted into the right direction after a series of unfortunate events regarding his ex, even after he had done everything “right.”

So after reflecting on his answer and his actions, or lack there of, towards his current partner, it all made sense. Her viewpoint on feminism doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t care to hear it, and never treads those waters. He keeps conversation light and teases her constantly and never takes her seriously. She would parade him to family and friends and tout him as her boyfriend, my brother would turn around and never mention her to my family. He does everything the “Game” way. Though he doesn’t buy/care about all the stuff we cover here on all our blogs, he sure made the realization and is living with the core principles.

The funny thing is, she, on the hand, has started to become what she despises…. a dependent, a girlfriend… a woman. Though she still bucks and talks all tough, she sure doesn’t act like it anymore, chanting her convictions during the day, and playing the “wife” at night. I find it amusing how willingly she became this way after having a taste of a real man.


I can’t help but being proud of my little brother.

Lost Saga (Final Thoughts)

Part I

Part II

Part III

You see, taking the Red Pill, in my opinion, has way more in common with the film than just the red/blue pills and the real world versus the matrixb but you knew that already. Getting to the red pill is a process, a series of events that happens in your personal life that makes you question the status quo. You come to the conclusion that this matrix you live in isn’t what it seems and you start searching for answers. Much the way Neo was searching for the truth, I was searching for the truth. And at a point you find it, or rather, it finds you, some one comes to you with the idea, gives you a book, “stumble” across it on the web and it gives you a choice, to stop, turn around and continue in your blissful frustrated existence, or free yourself of an empty existence. And in that moment, it makes so much sense you can’t ignore it anymore, and you dive right in.

Some are born in the real world, knowing from the beginning how life really works, it’s instinctual. For the rest of us, we must be unplugged, and this is no easy feat, we all have cherished great love, and suffered greater losses. As a person, you mustn’t be afraid of the unknown, of the discoveries that will shatter your current reality, and you definitely mustn’t be afraid of loss, as the world you once knew will be lost to you forever and you will never be able to return. But the reward far outweighs the sacrifices made in order to achieve this point.

You definitely won’t succeed right away, but like i said, it’s a process and you can’t give up, there’s tons of information on the web, all with hints and tips to help you in your dire situation. but i doubt that if you’re this far already, that you’ll ever really give it up. The reality isn’t pretty, but it’s far better than the alternative.

Are you willing to see just how far the rabbit hole goes?

Lost Saga (Part III)

Part I

Part II

Alas I graduated from University and all that free time to game was gone. I’m a working man now. Life went on and I had moderate success here and there. Practically fell head over heels for a girl, gorgeous, a solid 9, but life had other plans for us, and a few months in she passed away. Now that was a hard pill to swallow and I don’t wish it on anyone. That’s all I want to say about that subject. Picked myself up again and I started fine tuning my game, never caring of I closed or not and also never sarging as hard as I did in Uni. I was looking for answers, a place to turn. This life of mine wasn’t real. There was something off. What they tell you, the media, books, society. It wasn’t adding up. They were telling me one thing and yet life experience was screaming another.

The next break through happened when I started a new job, year 2010. I was temporarily transferred to another city and subsequently befriended one of my estranged family member. And this is when I was showed the path, given the option and swallowed the Red Pill. Since then I have never looked back. Everything in my life before this moment seemed fuzzy and out of focus, but now, life was crystal clear, I knew the way and saw life for what it was. I’m now able to determine my mistakes, recover from stumbles and make conscious  moves instead of relying mostly on instinct, until it all becomes second nature.

It’s a great time, i’m glad that i’m finally able to achieve that last 20% of the man i’ve always wanted to become.

Do i still fuck up?…. pretty much every date and every approach, but i’m constantly learning, evolving and tuning and i still have a few flaws that need ironing out but it’s all coming  together.

Lost Saga (Part II)

Part I

I was not the alpha her pussy tingled for, I also wasn’t the alpha she fell for a couple of years prior. Though I remained incredibly self confident in my everyday life, in the relationship I was the epitome of beta. Pleading her to (insert random act here), I catered to her every whim, I listened to her, I took her bitch fests, her extreme jealousy and her craziness. All in the name of pussy… and my lack of options. So that’s it, we were done. Got her to give me road head at some point afterwards but that’s it. And so closes another chapter in my journey to enlightenment.

So after the initial shock, I picked myself off the floor, confidence intact and a brand new attitude, bitches won’t walk all over me again. And they didn’t, I was playing it by ear, failing and succeeding, learning from what I did, say, my successes and my numerous failures. Taking grenades and flirting with every piece of pussy I laid my eyes on. Luckily for me, I had one of the best wingman a guy could ask for. Let’s call him Diesel. Diesel had an incredible ability to open any girl in any situation and instantly build attraction, the girls eyes would light up; smiles and kino would all come naturally. Though Diesel had one major flaw, he had a hard time building enough rapport and coming in with the close.

That’s where I came in, my weakness were his strengths, my strengths his weaknesses. We were, or rather what we thought we were at the time, unstoppable. A one-two punch to any group of girls and we were, on most nights, killing it. During this period I got a few notches, a ton of experience and my first threesome. Don’t get me wrong, we were still running blind and fucking up way more often than not and if my mood wasn’t just right i was still pretty timid, but it was all fun.

I gained a bit of notoriety in my group of friends, not that I was fucking a ton of women; it is who I fucked that got me the attention. Getting my first threesome with a super straight edge classmate/friend’s sister, to tapping my school’s secretary, to taking the worst grenade on my life. All in the name of science.

Is any of this exceptional? No.  But at that time it was, or so everyone thought, none of us were Red Pill exposed.

To be continued…

Lost Saga (Part I)

I’m going to tell a story, not just any story, but my story on how I got my Red Pill dose.

It all started back in University, year, 2006 (college for our friends south of the border) I was moderately depressed, I really didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish in life, I lacked self confidence and always thought if I could just get a girlfriend, things would somehow get better. I was an average nice guy, beta to the tits despite having a hard Alpha as a father. One day it all changed, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I hated my life and where is was heading, so I just woke up one day slapped myself across the face and told myself “Shit is gonna change” and like that I started having a positive attitude, my self-confidence grew, I didn’t care that I was single and I didn’t care what other people thought of me. I literally just had an epiphany.

Fast forward to the summer, I started dressing with style, and self confidence was oozing out of me, I wasn’t looking for love….. but it found me. I met this really cute girl and as luck would have it, she was really into me. We had fun; we enjoyed life, my first real girlfriend. It didn’t take long that I beta backslided, failing shit test after shit test, I should of seen it coming, but I didn’t, I was in love. In the next couple of years the shit testing became worst and worst and she literally became bat shit crazy.

You know the type of girl who seems happy one minute going to a social event, and arriving there, turns into a snidy little bitch, constantly giving you the stink eye for what she perceived as me being flirtatious with everyone…. Including guys for fuck sakes, I mean nothing against you gays, but I don’t love the cock. This only led to fights and ruined nights. Though that pussy was tight and I loved to pound it. My love for her was degrading, and degrading fast, but my lack of options and my total betatude was trying to make things work with her and keep things going. Until the fateful day when I learned that……….. the bitch had cheated on me. I was furious as anyone could imagine, hurling insults after insults belittling her to the point of impermanently damaging her self confidence. I see now it wasn’t her fault, she was following instinct, she was craving an alpha.

To be continued…