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The joke that is feminism

Lately the topic of feminism has come up quite often in my life, and i started to ponder exactly who are the feminists and what are their core policies. It seems everyone wants to be labelled or associated with feminism, but i think we need to take a step back and really evaluate what exactly is feminism, especially to feminists.

The question popped into my head while i was watching an old “Politically Incorrect” show hosted by Bill Maher, where they were debating the topic of feminism with self proclaimed feminists (man card revoked) Micheal Moore, Sandra Bernhard, Christina Hoff Sommers and Yancy Butler. Now these three women couldn’t even agree on their feminist values. Therefore how can we take any feminism seriously if all feminists around the world all have a different idea of what feminism truly is, and what they are “fighting” bitching for.

I’ll break down the three girls and their feminist viewpoints

Christina Hoff Sommers: Often regarded as an anti-feminist, Sommers is more of a traditional feminist where she believes that men and women should have equal rights to education, careers, etc. but still believes that there is a great distinction between man and woman, masculine and feminine and that traditional gender roles aren’t just hocus pocus (sounds familiar manosphere?) For this she dishes out and receives countless criticisms to/from modern feminist groups. She’s written a few books attacking modern feminism and its adverse effects on society and especially young boys.

Sandra Bernhard: She’s a bit more radical than the above mentioned feminist, she believes that there is very little distinction between man and woman, but that both are on different spiritual playing fields therefore women tend to be more nuturing than men, but she flares it up with a dash of “you go grrrl” attitude.

Yancy Butler is the most radical of the group, where her “you go grrrl” attitude is over the top obnoxious, that every girl is a princess that deserves the world while kicking every boy’s ass and taking names along the way. the classic women are from Venus, men are from hell can do attitude. This was given weight when she was arrested for harassment against her father and violating an order of protect (man hatin’ thundercunt)

So these 3 women do a great job at embodying the different stages, if you will, of feminism, where and the last 2 account for the majority of women out there.

I’ve recently talk to a few women lately between the ages of 23 to 27 and they all had one main theme in common. they are tired of feminists shoving feminism down their throat (maybe i just hang out with the right girls, who knows). One of which for sure i would of pegged as a hardcore feminist, she’s 26 and a Doctor in her residency program. Yet she’s the one that surprised me the most, she has more of a Christina view point where women shouldn’t be restricted in doing anything, but strongly believes in traditional gender roles.

Society and the radical feminist minority  are pushing more and more women away with their aggressive demeanor towards men, love, femininity and masculinity where women today, more and more, and subconsciously realizing they want real men to be their “big spoon” as one of the girls put it, to be there for them physically and make them feel safe.

I also asked them what attracts them to me (i’m not romantically involved with all of them mind you) but the theme was the same. “You’re a man.” I was told by one of the girls “You make no excuses for it and you don’t apologize for it either, do you know how refreshing that is?” I was actually quite pleased to hear this, it actually made my day, but it all was reinforcing my point towards modern feminism, that women are feeling more and more disconnected from the modern feminist views.

But my point is, if a room full of feminists can’t even agree to disagree on every facet of feminism, how can the world take them seriously? Better yet, how can they take themselves seriously?