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Fitness on the fly

Alright guys, here’s a no brainer, but yet it seems to always pop up in conversation with people I meet on the road in the same situation that I’m in. We all know by now, or should know (hopefully I’m not the first game blog you’ve been reading) that working out does heighten your DMV, now the most common excuses I hear from guys on the road is that they don’t have the “time” or they don’t have the equipment. That’s hocus pocus.

1)      You can fit a pair of runners, shorts and shirt in your carryon bag, problem 1 solved.

2)      I’d also go so far as saying 90% of all hotels now have a gym or fitness center open to guests, use it, you are right there and the commute is literally 30 seconds to a minute. If by chance no fitness center is available, it’s really easy to go for a run, do some crunches and sit ups, pound out some pushups. Want an ab work out you can do in your hotel room, click here. Problem 2 solved.

3)      So you don’t have “time” you say? And how many hours do you spend watching the old tube in the hotel room? Time is relative; you always have the time providing you MAKE the time. This is the laziest excuse to anything that anyone can ever use. You are basically telling the world and yourself that whatever you don’t have “time” for is unimportant to you. This one really grinds my gears. Problem 3 solved.

4)      What about my routine? Well, what about it? You’re body will thank you for ripping it out of an old boring routine. Your body needs to keep guessing as to what you’ll put it through next in order to cut through plateaus and boredom.

If you work in a camp environment, this works especially well. It’s even better than if you were stuck in hotels. In camps meals come easy and fast (if only girls were that easy) you have plenty of time to pop an hour in the fitness center or running around the site, even if you work 12 hours a day. It’s all about the willingness to do what it takes and making the time for it.

Here’s another routine I’ve used on the road. Click me